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Creativity, Innovation, and Design Thinking

We’ve helped over 200 companies define their innovation intent, establish key creativity and innovation practices, develop an innovation workflow, train employees in creativity tools, link their innovation agenda with external stakeholders, and translate their innovation efforts into key performance indicators.

Driving Innovation


Workshops and Consulting Services:

  •   Assessment of Your Innovation Practices
  •   Innovation into Your Organization’s DNA
  •   Accelerating Your Innovation Workflow – Best Practices in Research, Development, and Adoption
  •   Business Concept Innovation – Using the Business Model Canvas to Reinvent Your Business
  •   Creativity Tools and Methods
  •   Lateral Thinking and Integrative Thinking Methodologies
  •   Using Design Thinking to Innovate Your Customer’s Experience
  •   Driving Innovation through Collaboration – Using Idea Management Platforms to Boost Your Innovation Output
  •   Creativity and Breakthrough Ideation Workshops
  •   Establishing an Innovation Office / Program
  •   Innovation Challenges and Crowdsourcing
  •   TRIZ Consulting for Scientific and Technical Challenges
  •   Innovation Champion Certification

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