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Strategy Formulation and Deployment

Strategy Formulation

Everything starts with strategy. Whether you’re orchestrating a turnaround, expanding your geographic footprint, entering new markets, launching new products, battling an aggressive competitor, considering an acquisition, or trying to grow, strategy has the power to let you see the forest while you are tending the trees.

Our team of researchers and consultants will help you and your team analyze your strategic landscape, formulate a strategic response, develop a strategic plan, and orchestrate its implementation. We can also assist you in assessing the relevance of your current business model and help your team design the business model you need to compete in the future.

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Workshops and Consulting Services:

  •   Strategic Analysis – Developing Industry Foresight and Customer Insight
  •   Strategy Formulation – Defining a Winning Strategy
  •    Strategic Planning – A Framework for Growth and Development
  •    Business Concept Innovation – Using the Business Model Canvas to Reinvent Your Business
  •   Closing the Strategy-to-Execution Gap – Developing Strategic Readiness and Building Distinctive Capabilities
  •   Family Business Consulting – Working as Owners, as Managers, and as Family
  •    Strategy for Non-Profit Organizations – Contributing and Collaborating Through a Compelling Value Proposition
  •    Organizational Lifecycle Analysis – Is Your Organization Growing or Aging?

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